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About Our Firm

Stability Capital is a Search Fund based in Warsaw, Poland, started in 2020 by Paweł Malon and Marek Jakubów. 


Stability provides a new approach to investing that combines operational and financial management. We are looking for one company to invest in, in the PLN 30-200m revenue / PLN 10m+ EBIT range. Following the acquisition, we will then engage ourselves fully in the day-to-day management and operations.

We have devoted our careers to leading teams, growing companies and driving change. Combining experience from private equity, investment banking, managment consulting and manufacturing, we have the experience and dedication needed to find one great company and turn it into an exceptional investment.


Stability Capital has established a diverse investor base with robust access to capital, experience and expertise. Through these partnerships, Stability is well-positioned to ensure a smooth transition and successful future of our investment.


Please get in touch with us for more information.

Paweł Malon

Managing Director

+48 730 889 431

  • LinkedIn

Marek Jakubów

Managing Director

+48 664 046 707

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